Do Politics and Womens Health Issues Mix?

Ok I don’t get it…these political clowns, what are they trying to prove?
1st we have Trump, what in the world is he even involved in Womens Health to begin with?
He doesn’t care about anything or anyone except himself,  mind you most political clowns do anyways!
Here we have Bush who can barely hold himself up…he belongs in a nursing home and he  better hope that those Women that take Health seriously  in that nursing home  will forgive him for what he babbled about..:)
As far as I’m concerned Trump “your fired”  and Bush “get real already” because we don’t need your ridiculous snarling comments!“I think it will haunt him,” said Trump on Wednesday night.  ”I said, wow, I can’t believe it,” Trump said of watching Bush’s comments, then claimed, “I will take care of women. I respect women. I will take care of women.”

When Bush struggled to defend himself, Trump persisted: “Why did you say it? I heard it myself. Why did you say it?”  See the full post here…