Why My Man Does Not Get It Already!

When a man experiences stress he will tend to draw back into his mind to reconnect with his true self and find balance. A woman, however, needs to feel her feelings to reconnect with her true self.
If she is unable to process her feelings, she will tend to go further out of balance and will experience three common stress reactions:
– Overwhelm;
– Overreaction; and
– Exhaustion.
In a sense, they are the female equivalents of the male stress reactions.

It is essential that a man learn to correctly interpret a woman’s stress reaction. Otherwise he tends to make her wrong and defend himself when that is not necessary. Having one’s stress reactions misinterpreted throws a person even more out of balance.

In coping with stress, the female becomes more emotional.
If a woman is not used to being in touch with so much feeling, she is thrown out of balance and is unable to draw a clear line between her feelings and the feelings of others.
She quite automatically feels an inner compulsion to respond not only to her feelings, but also to the feelings and needs of her partner and others.

She begins to feel overwhelmed, as though she has too much to do, and she can’t rest until “everything” is done.
She feels pulled in many directions.

As she denies her needs in favor of respecting her partner’s wishes and the wishes of others, she becomes even more overwhelmed.
She keeps giving and giving but doesn’t take time to receive or to give to herself.
She may even become compulsively submissive to the needs of others.
She cannot say no until she is completely burned out.
In the state of overwhelm, a woman loses her ability to prioritize the various pressures and responsibilities she feels.
It is increasingly difficult to separate her needs from those of others.

It is as though everything is equally important:
– from paying the late bill;
– to cleaning under the bed;
– to watering the plants;
– to folding his clothes;
– to finishing the dishes;
– to moppiteardrop_45ng the floors;
– to start vacuuming;
– to feeding the children;
– to feeding the pets;
– to walking the dog;
– to Turning off the lights, that my man leaves on during the day;
– to mowing the lawn;
– to ALL the rest of the chores;

All this while my helpful loving man is out golfing..!!

Then he comes home – turns on all the lights (its daylight out) – forgets to say “Hello” – asks me why there are still dirty dishes in the sink – and then simply complains non stop that he lost 2 of his balls somewhere in the trees and says that he can’t correct his slicing and needs to go out again tomorrow to go practice some more – then he finally sits down in his comfy chair and tells ME he had a stressful day!
He merely turns on the TV with the fancy remote control and then tells me to go get him a beer from the fridge…!

I’m ready to pull my hair out and now feeling more overwhelmed to a point were the tears are trickling down my face…

You just don’t understand us and do wish one day you do,  so we both will be in a state of WellBeing…(not just only you!)

Via 50shadesofwellbeing.com

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