Why Are You In an Abusive Relationship?

If you are in a relationship in which one or the other has an anger management issue then watch out!
Obviously there are some underlying problems inside our minds that need to be corrected and recovery can be hard if people who have anger issues will deny it.
But then, one can recognize he has a problem. If he is always in trouble with other people, gets to get snags with the law and even dealing with their families is a problem, these are some hard evidences that uncontrollable emotions are eating up one’s mind which makes him lose control of himself.

Also know that this is perhaps only one of many other underlying conditions that affects so many in their daily life’s but do you need to be part of this?…Is it worth it?

Here is a thought….

Often times in life we do not realize or understand certain things that happen in our life but we sometimes use them to help ourselves. By learning how to think positive thoughts and by connecting that with being positive in our everyday life, we can all make uplifting thoughts to inspire ourselves and others close to us.

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http://www.reviewjournal.com/life/why-some-people-stay-abusive-relationshipsThere are a lot of reasons abuse victims will stay with their partner, according to The Domestic Abuse Project. Some victims worry that their partner would take violent action against them if they ended the relationship. Others are concerned that their partner would spread rumors or misinformation about them to others if the relationship ended, according to the DAP.

Mental abuse may also make it difficult to leave, according to the DAP. Some abuse victims feel as though they’re worth “nothing” and they “don’t deserve better,” which makes them happy to stay in the relationship or return to it. Victims also may be so used to the lifestyle of their abusive relationships that they come back to it when they can’t find another partner, according to the DAP.

But sometimes partners stay for reasons other than themselves. Victims may also have concerns that their abusive partner will hurt their children through kidnapping or physical abuse, according to the DAP. Check out the full story…