If My Man Only Knew Of This ONE Secret To Make Me Feel Loved

In my previous post “Why My Man Does Not Get It Already!”  I talked about how my man made a big deal about losing his 2 balls!
Even though I felt a bit uncomfortable revealing a little bit of my personal relationship to the world, I decided to continue in hopes it will help you in your relationships…

teardrop_45My man is out golfing again today and I’m here at home doing those chores that really need to be taken care of.
Just before my man left the house to go golfing with his friends he told me that those dirty dishes and the lawn better be mowed before he gets back home.
I can already envision that he will have a stressful day golfing and perhaps he will lose 2 more of his balls. Heavens forbid!

I do not mind doing all those chores but when he treats me like his “slave” rather than someone he cares about or someone he truly values as a person then this is when I start to resent him.

My man really doesn’t understand that all I need is to be loved, valued and appreciated in all that I do for him and for us.

I never complain and perhaps because of this he takes everything for granted.

He thinks that everything is just fine in our relationship and every time when he comes home he thinks about other things – like in how he lost his balls and how stressed he was on his poorly played golf game and all the while  ignoring my feelings.

He even complains on how poorly I do the chores as they are not to his standards.
Why is this so much more important to him?  Why is that more important than I am to him?

My man doesn’t communicate our frustrations and problems in our relationship and only if he would realize how important this is then I think he would at least try to talk with me.

Am I asking for too much to have my man to simply identify and acknowledge my feelings?

My man is forgetting how special and wonderful  it makes him feel when I appreciated him and when I think of him every moment of the day.

If he will just listen to my needs then I will feel like I’m important to him and in turn I will be grateful and even cook a delicious dinner just for him, over and above my daily duties.

I will even go out of my way to help him look for his lost balls.

Please, all I ask from him is just simply acknowledge and appreciate my feelings and in doing so I would feel like I’m loved and at the end of the day we both will be happy.

I hope my man will read this for the sake of our WellBeing – if not, perhaps I will have a talk with him when he returns back home from his stressful day at the golf course!

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This all started here with my Tears…