Happiness In a Relationship Depends On The One Thing

To begin looking for the your soul mate with the many happy moments, then make a list of the traits you are seeking.
Are you looking for someone who is soft-spoken, religious, a good cook, a good home-maker, love animals, or someone with a good sense of humor?
Is this person you are searching for good looking, articulate, brunette, blonde, blue or brown eyes, sexy, a good conversationalist, animal lover, or love decorating?

Whether you are looking for some or all of the traits above and expect happiness to be automatically included within such a relationship then for your own WellBeing please read on…

You see, happiness comes from our inner self and our own actions because if you can’t love and at all times be respectful to yourself then really no one else will be able to make this happen!

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/unwritten/happiness-in-a-relationsh_b_7876616.htmlDon’t let your boyfriend or girlfriend fundamentally change who you are. No one should have that power over you. You two are allowed — and should — have your own interests. Every second of every single day can’t be spent staring longingly into your S.O.’s eyes; do your own thing. Don’t feel like you have to see him or her tonight if you’d rather just stay in and read a book. Don’t feel bad for making plans with your friends on a Friday night. If your significant other has a problem with these things, it’s probably a red flag right there. View the full story at this link…