7 Hot Health Foods to Put in Your Shopping Cart

Healthy eating is not about deprivation or about unrealistic restraints put on yourself.

Nutrition and healthy eating is also a very important part of losing that mid section. All the exercising won’t do any good if you don’t change your eating habits.

Also, foods have a way of affecting behavior within our brains.
A poor diet, such as over eating those junk type foods – is a common cause of anxiety and depression…!

Healthy eating is about making life long healthy food choices.
It’s about consuming the right amount of foods from all the food groups in order to achieve the healthiest life possible for your WellBeing…

http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2015/07/are-these-new-health-food-items-good-for-you/You try to eat healthy, but healthy food fads seem to come and go as fast as fashion trends. It’s tough to keep up! A few years ago, heart-healthy oats and pomegranate juice were in vogue. More recently, everyone has been eating Greek yogurt and kale, which are now ingredients in dozens of food products including candy, dips, and snacks. But a whole new crop of good-for-you-sounding foods are about to upstage them. We rounded up seven of them here. Ever chow down on bean pasta or munch on hemp seeds? Our guide can help you figure out whether those and other hot health foods are worth putting in your shopping cart.
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