Misjudging a Child’s Happiness

How misjudging a child’s happiness can relatively affect our daily state of mind and WellBeing for both parent and the child.

Here are some very specific helpful questions that you may want to ask yourself in terms of your relationship with your teens.
Have clarity of where you are in your relationship with your teenager and where do you wish to go from here.
What are the changes you need to do, how can you speak differently to them to get a positive respond from them.

Parenting is difficult under normal circumstances and misjudging their happiness makes it a bit more challenging…


https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/news/parents-inclined-to-misjudge-child-happinessParents’ estimations of their children’s happiness differ significantly from the child’s own assessment of their feelings, a study has shown.

Researchers say this latest study could provide valuable information, not only for advancing knowledge about well-being but also for improving parent-child relationships and paving the way for carrying out improved interventions.
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