5 Solutions To Keep You Happy That You Can Try Today

The state of feeling and being happy  will indeed make you look and feel better.

Once in that state it will without doubt also increase your level of happiness.

When you feel happy you feel good. When you feel happy that energy exudes from your every pore.

One needs to set out positive goals and plow through times of trouble in a way to not give up so easily, but most importantly is to follow one’s true passions and dreams.

Happiness is something that everybody craves and it is something to be felt right now, in this moment.

Its true, happiness comes from within and by all means do not be hard on yourself as this is yet another important aspect to your WellBeing…

https://www.yahoo.com/beauty/5-ways-to-keep-your-big-goals-from-ruining-your-122280465753.htmlShould you just become a lazy underachiever then? No. Goals are critical to focusing your motivation and attention to get the things in life that matter to you. Goals put your values into action. But they can also lead you to focus too heavily on external metrics for your internal sense of well-being and satisfaction.
1. Create rituals to remind yourself of your bigger purpose.
2. Ask yourself, Who do I want to be? more often than, What do I want/need to do?
3. Savor the small wins and progress.
4. Practice self-compassion and loving-kindness for yourself.
5. Lighten up!
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