Do You Know How To Reduce Those Painful Mosquito Bites?

Have you had mosquito bite?
It itches and itches which means you scratch it, rendering it swells up and itch even more.

The welts though could last for several days and at times are painful before they subside.

It’s enough to get you mad!

So, what do you do now to get some relieve?

Well have a look around in your kitchen and look for that banana.
Go ahead and eat that banana but then save the banana peel!

You see, the banana is definitely the golden fruit of nature and it’s contains been used by people since early times.
Its healing powers include antioxidants and minerals that bring about the well-being of the skin.
The banana peel can be used to treat several conditions such as the mosquito bite because it reduces inflammations and irritation.

Now, if you have no banana there are other simple items that you can use to get some relieve….

Also – please know that these bites are pretty harmless in nature. too long ago, my boyfriend and I went to the Dominican Republic to visit his family. I was prepared for the humidity, the fast-paced Spanish, and the endless servings of plantains, but I wasn’t ready for the hordes of mosquitoes. “They bite foreigners more than natives,” my boyfriend warned, and he was right. After just one evening (despite sleeping under a netted canopy!), my legs were covered in huge, blotchy marks that were nearly impossible to resist itching.

The VapoRub was also responsible for flatting each bite, thanks to the formula’s nutmeg oil.
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