Bad Breath or No Bad Breath?

Bad breath is probably one of the major pet peeves in social interaction. This whole issue of bad breath is a total bummer since it can’t be addressed without offending the person concerned. Some people who are afflicted by this oral problem are not even aware of their condition. You might not even know that you already have bad breath while talking in close proximity to people you are acquainted with.

Bad breath occurs for a variety of reasons. Eating onions and garlic will usually cause bad breath. These foods are incredibly nutrient rich and packed with energy, but they don’t smell particularly nice. Because of this, eating even small quantities of them can cause a nasty odor to stick to your tongue for hours at a time.

Bad breath affects everyone regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, social status or lifestyle. Although it is quite common, it is considered a socially embarrassing condition. It may also be an indicator of bad dental health since it is associated with tooth decay and gum disease. Thankfully, both conditions are preventable with the right treatments and good dental habits all for your WellBeing… does a patient come to see me for a problem with bad breath. But recently, a 64-year-old accountant came into my office for an appointment, continually holding a cupped hand over his mouth as he answered questions about his medical history. He was firmly convinced that his breath was offensive.

The fact is, we’re not really very good at detecting halitosis, or bad odors in our own breath. As many as one in four people who complains of bad breath doesn’t actually have it. Although the exact prevalence of the condition is unknown, it is thought to range from 15 to 30 percent based on studies done in several countries, and men have the dubious distinction of outscoring women.

These strategies can help you keep your breath smelling fresh..
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