10 items you may think are healthy – are they really?

You know there are so many products out there that you may think are safe but are they really?
I always wondered which ones are healthy and which are not. Perhaps over time we will discover that there are more than just 10 unhealthy products but how are we to know for sure.
For now lets look at the 10 unhealthy onesĀ  and as time passes I’m most certain more unhealthy products will come to the surface for your WellBeing…
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You buy these products with the best intentions: antibacterial soap to kill germs, toothpaste to prevent cavities, a humidifier to relieve sinus congestion. But everyday items like these can trigger your allergies, leave you with a skin infection, or cause other problems if used incorrectly. The good news: the fixes are resoundingly simple, super quick, and keep you safe.

Any small open wounds (even microscopic ones from shaving or dry skin) are at risk for infections, from impetigo to folliculitis, she says.

Antibacterial soap For so long we’d scrub up, aiming to kill germs at every turn. But as it turns out, antibacterial soaps are ineffective at best, said Elaine Larson, PhD, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University. A decade ago she authored a double-blind randomized clinical trial (the gold standard of study methods) comparing households that used antibacterial products to those without them. The result? There was no difference in the rates people got sick.
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