What if You Could Reverse Your Dry Skin in Just 3 Nights?

Dry skin is a big problem for many women once they pass the age of 20 or so. Anyone can develop dry skin patches temporarily as a result of excessive sun or wind exposure or low olive-oil41humidity during wintertime.

Dry skin is more noticeable on the face, arms, hands and legs. This is the reason why these areas are prone to dermis issues such as wrinkles. It is proven that dryness can trigger different skin issues like quick skin aging. So to prevent these things from happening, we need to take good care of it inside and out.

Olive oil

This is your secret tip when it comes to nourishing your skin during winter, the hardest season for very dry skin – when you are getting ready for bed, rub your skin with a high-quality cold pressed oil (like olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil), really rub it in and cover the oiled areas with cotton – gloves or socks for hands and feet or a cotton pajama for the body. If you do the treatment on your skin, make sure to sleep on your back or change the pillowcase daily. This treatment will really help, after one to three nights you are sure to feel the difference for your WellBeing…

Via 50shadesofwellbeing