Breaking News Story About Benefits of Tea

Are you looking for an optimal health drink then Tea is the answer…

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world after water and the health benefits of tea come from it being a rich source of antioxidants that can contribute to optimal health in a wide variety of ways.

Tea can do a lot more than taste good.

It can help you with allergies and even with muscle pains.

Tea has also been shown to prevent cardiovascular disease.

You can drink it either hot or cold, and it is considered safe for just about everybody.
Here are just some more healthy benefits of Tea for your WellBeing… over 60 billion cups of tea consumed in the UK each year, its safe to say we are a nation of tea lovers. But did you know that your beloved brew could also be incorporated into your beauty regime?

Brunettes can rinse their hair with black tea to add shine and a silky look, while Rooiboos (Redbush) tea can be used for adding colour to brunettes and giving a light reddish colour to blondes.

Rose bud infusions are rich in vitamin C and also help in the production of collagen which is vital for healthy skin and hair.

Tea is an easy and effective natural beauty remedy that can be used to cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin.

While celebrities including Mark Wright have been hailing the benefits of their favourite & other blends including Yerba Mate, peppermint and green tea can also help to aid digestion and boost the metabolism.
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